Exhibition at the Asian Resource Gallery. Oakland, CA, 2003


Malaquias Montoya's numerous invitations to distinguished universities, colleges and cultural centers throughout the country is evidence of his national reputation and popularity. His lecture and slide presentations demonstrate his depth and the acceptance of his non-traditional views on art and its impact on a changing society at many diverse levels. His unwavering creative output, addressing issues of our time, keep Montoya in the forefront of the cultural landscape and sought after by interdisciplinary scholars that seek to integrate and synthesize his art with current themes.

Selected Lectures & Consultant Services

  • 2010   Lecture/Slide/Workshop, 16th Annual Pursuit of Awareness through a College Experience (PACE), Summer Residential Program at UC Riverside, Riverside, CA

  • 2010   Keynote Speaker, Crocker Museum Teacher Resource Fair, Sacramento, CA

  • 2009   Lecture & Slide Presentation, The Art of Social Change, Prison Creative Arts Project, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

  • 2009   Lecture & Slide Presentation, Human Rights Center Seminar/Prof. Robin Kirk, Duke University, Durham, South Carolina

  • 2008   Panelist, Latino Art from Its Production to Consumption, Latino Art Now! Conference, Americas Society, New York, NY

  • 2008   Keynote Speaker, 16th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Conferences, Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education (CHE), UC Davis, School of Medicine, Sacramento, CA

  • 2007   Panelist, The Social Responsibility of the Artist, Abriendo Brecha Conference, The University of Texas@ Austin, TX

  • 2006   Lecture and Slide Presentation, University of California, Washington DC Center, Washington, D.C.

  • 2005-present   Advisory Committee, Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR), Obesity Project, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

  • 2005   Panelist, From Ike to Iraq: Conversations with Latino Artists on Six Decades of Art and Politics, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2005   Panelist, "Activism Through Art: The Death Penalty." L.A. Chapter of Death Penalty Focus, Santa Monica, CA

  • 2004   Visiting Critic, University of Notre Dame, Art, Art History & Design Department, Notre Dame, IN

  • 2004   Roundtable Discussion, La Primera Onda: Los Precursores/The First Wave: The Precursors of the Chicano Movement, Latina/o Arts Festival, Hispanic Research Center, ASU, Phoenix, AZ

  • 2003-present  El Consejo Nacional de Talleres (CNT) Focus Group, Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

  • 2003   Panelist, Just Another Poster? Exhibition Discussion, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

  • 2003   Keynote Speaker, California Art Educators Association Conference, San Jose, CA

  • 2001   Latino History Project Celebration, Lecture & Slide Presentation, Print Donation, Oakland Museum

  • 2000   The Spreading Reach of Chicanismo, Yale University, Fall ECCSF (East Coast Chicano Student Forum) Conference, New Haven, CT

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