Memories, lithograph, 30" x 22" - 1992
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Through our images we are the creators of culture and it is our responsibility that they are of our times. My work depicts honesty and promotes an attitude towards existing reality; a confrontational attitude, one of change rather than adaptability - images of our time and for our contemporaries.

I am much more articulate and able to express myself more eloquently through my art. It is with this voice that I attempt to communicate, especially to that silent and often ignored populace of Chicano, Mexican and Central American working class, along with other disenfranchised people of the world. This form allows me to awaken consciousness, to reveal reality and to actively work to transform it. What better function for art at this time? A voice for the voiceless.


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Malaquias Montoya by Terezita Romo
In this first major book on the artist, Terezita Romo offers a comprehensive exploration of Montoya's work, which continues to depict strength and resistance in the face of injustice. click here to read more
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Globalization and War - The Aftermath, Works by Malaquias Montoya features charcoals, collages, silkscreen images, paintings, and related research dealing with the inhumanity and the unspeakable acts of war, corporate globalization, and its resulting displacement. click here to read more

Premeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment, Recent Works by Malaquias Montoya features recently created silkscreen images and paintings, and related research dealing with the death penalty and penal institutions. click here to read more

PreMeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment Print Portfolio, available for sale

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